AA Radio Episode #17

January 16, 2014

The AA Radio crew returns for one last episode, saying goodbye to the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs regular season. Kenny Cember, Stacy Smith and Jason Seibel break down the Chiefs historic 9-0 start to the season, while discussing who played key roles in making that run happen. 

Moving into the bye week and beyond, the crew discusses the Chiefs defense and their decline after the mid-season break. While the defense spiraled though, the Chiefs offense found its stride and quarterback Alex Smith found his stride as the team's leader. Of course, the crew also breaks down how running back Jamaal Charles was the only consistent during the entire season.

Moving on, each member of the panel grades all the position groups on the Chiefs on both offense and defense. For the most part, the crew fell in line not only with each other, but also the readers who participated as well. 

In the final wrap up of the show, Jason broke down the Chiefs opponents for next season, showing that the 2014 season could stand to be quite difficult if the team doesn't get better in the off season.

A big thank you to all the Addicts who listened during the season. We'll be back through the off season with some updates on the draft, free agency and training camp, but we'll return for Week 1 of the preseason in the 2014 season!

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AA Radio Episode #16

January 3, 2014

Jason Seibel returns for the first time in two weeks to talk about all things Kansas City Chiefs. After a two week break from the show due to illness and the holidays, Jason returns with fellow Addicts Kenny Cember and Stacy "Reach" Smith to discuss the Chiefs' Week 17 game against the San Diego Chargers as well as their upcoming Wild Card playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. 

The crew broke down the Chiefs heartbreaking loss against the Chargers in which the Chiefs sat 20 of their 22 starters. Despite the poor officiating, the Chiefs were in the game until the very end. All three members of the panel agreed that the Chiefs backups looked good in the outing. Stacy briefly touched on the fact that the Chiefs should have played their starters, at least to some degree.

Looking ahead to the playoffs, the crew was plenty talkative since the Chiefs first post season appearance since 2010. The panel agreed that the Chiefs need to win this game to get the playoff monkey off of their back. 

The show ends with the hope that there will be an episode next week, because that will mean that the Chiefs have won their first playoff game in 20 years.
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AA Radio Episode #15

December 12, 2013

It's Week 15 in the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs are on the verge of clinching their first playoff spot since 2010. Jason Seibel and Kenny Cember break down the Chiefs epic win against the Washington Redskins and talk about how the Chiefs were able to put all three phases of the game together to win.

Then, exclusive to Arrowhead Addict Radio, Pete Prisco joins the show in an interview he conducted with Jason Seibel earlier in the week. Jason breaks down Pete's thoughts on the Chiefs and why he dubbed them the "worst 9-0 team" in history. They discuss the Chiefs defense and how Pete put an astericks on them from the beginning of the season. Make sure you listen and find out how far Prisco thinks the Chiefs will get in the playoffs.

After the interview, Jason and Kenny break down Prisco's thoughts and discuss what they agreed with and didn't. 

Finally, the duo breaks down the upcoming game pitting the Chiefs against the Oakland Raiders and what it means for the AFC Playoff Picture. If the Chiefs win, they clinch a playoff spot.

Kenny's final thought is for Chiefs fans to stay away from Denver Broncos trolls on Twitter and not get into Twitter fights. Jason's is to keep it red, keep it yellow and keep it CHIEFS!
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AA Radio Episode #14

December 5, 2013

Jason Seibel is back this week to discuss all things Chiefs with Andrew Kulha and Kenny Cember. The crew begins the show discussing the Chiefs third loss in a row against the Denver Broncos on Sunday. They then turn their sights on what are acceptable expectations for this Chiefs team moving forward. 

Then, it's on to the Washington Redskins game this Sunday which all three agreed is a must win for the Chiefs to get out of the slump they're in.

After wrapping up the AFC West and playoff outlook the crew ends the show with a look at the ESPN Power Rankings.
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AA Radio Episode #13

November 27, 2013

Jason Seibel returns this week with guests Kenny Cember and Stacy "Reach" Smith. The crew discusses the Chiefs heartbreaking loss to the San Diego Chargers 38--41 on Sunday. Jason then introduced Sayre Bedringer, the co-editor at Predominantly Orange, the Fansided site for the Denver Broncos.

The foursome discussed the Broncos own heartbreaking loss to the Patriots in overtime on Sunday Night before setting their sights on the Chiefs game against the Broncos in Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. Sayre brought a great deal of insight to the crew providing a perspective outside the realm of just a "Chiefs fan."

After saying goodbye to Sayre, Stacy, Kenny and Jason discussed exactly who this team is moving forward with the loss of Tamba Hali and Justin Houston before discussing the AFC playoff picture and what scenarios could potentially play out.

The crew wrapped up the show with some final thoughts and predictions for Sunday's game.

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AA Radio Episode #12

November 21, 2013

Jason Seibel and Kris Kilduff return this week to break down the Chiefs loss to the Denver Broncos and discuss what the Chiefs need to do moving ahead to resume their winning ways. They talk about a lot of the finger pointing that went on in the days after the Chiefs first loss of the season and discuss other quarterbacks that could potentially play for the Chiefs in a game of "would you rather." Looking ahead to the San Diego game, they talk about the consistency of the chargers and whether or not Phillip will actually "cry a river" on Sunday. Finally, they wrap up the AFC West with a look at the Broncos vs. Patriots and the ESPN Power Rankings.

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AA Radio Episode #11

November 14, 2013

AA Radio Host Jason Seibel returns this week with his panel of Addicts, Kris Kilduff, Kenny Cember and Andrew Kulha. The guys briefly touched on the Dwayne Bowe issue before turning their collective sights on the Denver Broncos. The crew discussed the impending matchup against the AFC West second place team from every angle, including playoff implications, and what winning -- and losing -- will mean for the Chiefs. After hitting that subject, they wrapped up their thoughts with a look around the rest of the AFC West.

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AA Radio Episode #10

November 7, 2013

After taking a week off, Jason Seibel and Kris Kilduff return to the airwaves to discuss all things Kansas City Chiefs football. This week, the guys bring along another addict, Kenny Cember as well.

Because there was no episode last week, the guys quickly recap the Chiefs vs. Browns game before moving on to the Chiefs vs. Bills game where they break down what went right and what went wrong against the boys in blue up in Buffalo.

After getting derailed for a bit on a conversation about Denver, they move on to grade the entire Chiefs team at the mid way point in the season.

Then, turning to the next part of the Chiefs schedule they discuss what the Chiefs have to do maintain their superiority in the playoff race over the next seven games.

The crew wraps up the show with a look at the ESPN Power Rankings.
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AA Radio Episode #9

October 26, 2013

Jason Seibel and Kris Kilduff return this week to discuss all things Chiefs. They recap the Houston Texans game before moving on to discuss the draft picks selected by Scott Pioli who are still on the roster. They move on to discuss the Cleveland Browns coming to Arrowhead before wrapping up the show by discussing the ESPN Power Rankings and AFC West.

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AA Radio Episode #8

October 17, 2013

It’s week 7 in the NFL, and the crew from AA Radio are back this week, looking back on the epic, record setting game against the Oakland Raiders, discussing how the Chiefs defense matches up against Denver’s offense and more.

Addict editor, Andrew Kulha makes his return to AA Radio after a couple weeks absence. Joining him this week is Jason Seibel, Kris Kilduff and Stacy Smith.

The AA Radio crew breaks down the Raider game and discusses every point from the offense to how the defense won the game.

Jason then talks about his visit to Kansas City and watching the game live at Arrowhead. That leads into each member of the panel talking about their favorite football memory, whether live or not.

The discussion moves to the Chiefs defense, and Jason makes the statement that they are as elite as the Denver Broncos offense. The crew discusses how well the two teams match up against each other.

Trying to stay on topic, the AA Radio panel then looks ahead to the Houston Texans coming to town. Andrew, Kris and Stacy all predict a Chiefs win, but Jason thinks the Chiefs winning streak comes to end this Sunday.

The show wraps up with a quick look around the AFC West and the other matchups on this Sunday and a check on the ESPN Power Rankings, which has the Kansas City Chiefs at #2 just under the Denver Broncos.

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